Welcome to SPRC

A Center for Community Engagement

Welcome to the Sacred Pipe Resource Center. We are a Native-led community-serving organization committed to the mission of engaging the urban Tribal Native American population by providing safe spaces in which they can connect with each other, build community, and affect positive change. We hope to serve as a home-away-from-home and help strengthen cultural, spiritual, social, and community knowledge for all Tribal members living here in our homelands.

Our work centers around our Community Councils and the engagement they provide. Each Community Council addresses key issues in the Bismarck-Mandan-Lincoln area that have an impact on our well-being and quality of life as Indigenous people. We seek to impact lasting and meaningful change in key areas such as housing, physical health, mental and emotional wellness, civic responsibility, youth support, and the arts, all through the lens of healing and social and economic justice.

We invite you to join us as we seek to transform the trauma of our past to the healing-centered engagement of our future.

Our community councils empower change at the local level by addressing key issues. Join us in making a positive impact in our community by actively engaging with our dedicated community councils and driving meaningful change that directly impacts the lives of our neighbors.